Mental Health Services

The Grove understands your unique healthcare needs and that, at times, physical problems are not the only source of discomfort in your life. The Grove provides individual and family counseling sessions that are centered on gaining an understanding of the issues that are affecting your life and working to find effective ways to cope. We understand the courage that it takes to speak about these difficult experiences and we work to reduce the fear and anxiety associated with counseling. Our licensed therapists will work with you to determine and develop a clinical understanding of the source of the problem, and then work to identify practical ways to manage these concerns.

Our staff is dedicated to offering evidence-based, genuine care. Please contact any of our offices and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our counseling services.

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The Grove currently provides individual and family counseling and evaluations at the Henderson, Middleton, Jackson, Somerville, and Scotts Hill locations.